Knowing their employer cares about them can inspire employees to go the extra mile at work, resulting in better productivity and business outcomes.

Step 1. Get the Facts

Companies that have already implemented PFML report that the new benefit had a positive impact on employee engagement, morale, and productivity.

  • Over 80% of surveyed companies report PFML had a positive impact on employee morale, no matter the company size; over 70% reported a boost in employee productivity [EY report forthcoming]
  • 99% of California companies report that the state's paid family leave policy had a neutral or positive effect on employee morale – 89% noted a neutral or positive effect on productivity

Companies report that PFML impacts employee engagement, morale, and productivity for those that use PFML as well as for those that don't.

  • PFML supports employees during a challenging and pivotal time in their lives
  • PFML signals that the company cares about and is committed to its employees, even outside of work

Step 2. Take Action

  • Review recent employee surveys to determine if and how widely employees have expressed interest in PFML benefits
  • Hold a focus group or engage in informal conversations on the topic of PFML
  • Evaluate how improved employee engagement / morale could impact your bottom line - consider:
    • Is customer service critical to your business?
    • Are employees often visible to customers?
    • Does your business rely on the creative energy of your employees?