Helping Workers Thrive

enabling all workers to lead healthier, more profitable lives.

American workers deserve the chance to thrive, regardless of gender, race, or economic standing. We are advancing solutions for changing workforce trends in the U.S. by uniting stakeholders around the pillars of economic mobility, livelihood, and safe and fair workplaces.

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a dependable livelihood should be a reality for all people.


paid leave

With more dual income families, minorities, and Millennials in the workforce, what is required from employers and lawmakers is changing.

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join the movement: take the paid leave pledge.

Businesses play a critical role in meeting the needs of a changing workforce by providing programs that support workers and their families. Join the growing number of businesses who provide opportunity for their workers through Paid Leave.



Workforce Management Strategies for Paid Family and Medical Leave:

Planning for advanced, long-term absences 

How do employers ensure business needs are met when an employee is out for an extended period of leave, and how can managers plan ahead to minimize the impact on overall operations?