About Us

Panorama envisions a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive at work, regardless of gender, race, or economic standing. To advance solutions for the changing U.S. workforce, Panorama, an action tank working to solve global problems through audacious thinking and bold action, has launched a new initiative aimed at reimagining the Future of Work.

We believe that when each person has an opportunity to make an equal contribution – regardless of gender, race or economic standing – we all live more productive lives.

By uniting and mobilizing stakeholder voices and resources, we aim to create a meaningful exchange of ideas among change makers, including businesses, policy-makers, scholars, workers, and advocates. 

Through this collaboration, we will help enable workers to lead healthier, more profitable lives and increase income equality across all U.S. populations.


Our approach:

In 2017 Panorama launched The Paid Leave Project, to raise awareness of the benefits of a comprehensive paid leave program for both employers and employees. Through our paid leave work, Panorama developed a unique position as a trusted ally for businesses looking to expand or launch paid family and medical leave programs.

As an action tank, Panorama looks to initiate our own projects when we see gaps that need to be filled. It’s that process that led us to build from our efforts around paid leave and look more holistically at the Future of Work.

Looking at the interconnected issues facing U.S. workers, we highlight industry best practices across issue areas and, ultimately, help employers develop a strong business case for worker-centric polices. As an action tank we do this by delivering new insights and inspiring collaborative action from all stakeholders, focused on a common agenda.

The contents of the Paid Family and Medical Leave playbook were built based on private sector research performed by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Panorama.