Panorama and the American Sustainable Business Council Partner to Further Conversations Around the Impacts of Paid Leave

In early September, Panorama and the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) came together to co-host a webinar for U.S. business leaders on, Understanding the Business Impacts of Paid Family and Medical Leave.

It’s no secret that one of the biggest upfront barriers to the broad voluntary adoption of paid family and medical leave (PFML) is cost. And, while the benefits of PFML are often cited in relation to improving the health and financial security of workers, its impact on the bottom lines of businesses is often overlooked.

By joining forces, Panorama and ASBC challenged business leaders to think about how to put numbers alongside the belief that ‘doing good’ means seeing positive business outcomes. In addition to John Minor from ASBC and Kimble from Panorama, Emily Hall Warren, Director of Administration for Badger, joined as a guest speaker to discuss how her company has been working to offer paid leave and other family-friendly employee benefits to their workforce.

The conversation offered a preview of a new report from Panorama (to be released Sept. 18, 2018) focused on understanding the business impact of PFML. Based on publicly available data outlining investments and returns, Panorama created a report, and framework, to help companies understand the impact of their PFML policies. Warren and Minor where able to shed light on the importance of company leadership in workforce initiatives, idea policy offerings and gender equity, and how outcomes vary by business size, especially across small businesses.

Listen to the full webinar here. Due to technical glitches in the original recording, portions of this webinar have been re-recorded for audio clarity.

Still have questions?

Our presenters are happy to continue the lively discussion on paid leave and how to better understand the returns of offering comprehensive workplace supports. If you have questions or would like learn more, please reach out:

  • John Minor, Policy Manager at ASBC (

  • Kimble Snyder, Director at Panorama (

 Interested in becoming engaged?

Panorama and ABSC both have ongoing initiatives that encourage businesses to be more involved in the paid leave conversation:

  • Panorama’s Paid Leave Pledge invites businesses to commit to track and publicly share data on the business impacts of implementing paid family and medical leave policies. Join Nestle, SAP, and other high-road employers in improving the evidence base around the return on investment of paid leave programs.

  • Panorama’s Anonymous Data Sharing coordinates companies to share data for an anonymous, aggregate level benchmarking analysis that will look at how returns from paid leave policies vary by business size, workforce makeup, industry, policy structure, and more.

  • ASBC’s Paid Family and Medical Leave Campaign focuses on a goal to pass a Federal paid leave law that is comprehensive, responsible, and inclusive. Current Federal law is not meeting the needs of modern businesses and employees, so ASBC is advocating for a new law to respond to today’s market.


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