Help businesses see the impact of paid medical and family leave policies on their bottom lines with Anonymous data sharing


Building an evidence base around the impact of paid leave is a difficult task. In some cases, employers may be tracking business outcomes, but are not able to publicly share findings due to internal restrictions.

Companies can play a significant role in building the case for paid leave by participating in Panorama’s anonymous data-sharing cohort.

This group will share company data directly with a partnering analytics firm for detailed and comprehensive quantification and analysis. High-level benchmarking will be released by Panorama in aggregate, allowing participants to remain anonymous.

By analyzing data across key metrics, businesses will be better able to track the key outcomes of their paid family and medical leave policies. While there is no way to provide an absolute value on the ROI of PFML, this research will help companies across various industries understand potential outcomes on the bottom line.  

To participate in our first data sharing cohort, contact us:

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What do you mean by “anonymous data sharing?

This initiative focuses on engaging companies to contribute to a macro-level analysis and benchmarking project that will identify the range of impacts paid leave policies have on business outcomes.

  • ”Anonymous” means that we will not share the names or identifying characteristics of participating companies. Panorama will release aggregate findings grouped by industry size, geography, etc.
  • “Data sharing” means companies will provide pre-specified data to Panorama’s analytics partner. The selected partner will adhere to strict data privacy standards and comply with all legal requirements.

Why now?

In June 2018, Panorama launched the Paid Leave Pledge, wherein signatory companies commit to track and publicly share data on the business impact of implementing PFML policies. During our initial outreach, we received responses from a number of companies who were interested in benchmarking, but preferred to engage anonymously.

This initiative offers companies the opportunity understand their business outcomes in relationship to their competitors and key industry players.

What if I want to share my company’s business outcomes publicly?

The Paid Leave Pledge is a great way to join other leading businesses in tracking, analyzing, and sharing their data publicly. Learn more about the Pledge at Our first cohort of businesses will be announced in September.

Is it possible to be involved in both the Paid Leave Pledge and this anonymous data sharing project?


What is the value to my company for participating?

Based on conversations with more than 400 employers, we believe companies see high value in understanding the business outcome of paid leave policies.

Participating companies will:

  • Gain insight into the business outcomes of PFML policies;
  • Receive benchmarking information, which will increase understanding of returns against size, industry, geography, and policy structure comparators;
  • Develop an overall understanding of how policies impact the bottom line, which can be used to make adjustments or expansions to provide the best matrix of benefits and rewards for workers; and
  • Contribute to the positive feedback loop of sharing data and learning.

The more companies that participate, the more we can understand where companies are extracting value, what helps companies see the highest returns, and how other companies can improve their policies to create the best outcomes possible

Who is collecting and analyzing the data?

Panorama is currently undertaking a rigorous selection process to identify the best data analytics partner for this project. Our selected partner will begin working with participating companies in September 2018.

I'm not sure what data we're collecting as a company; can I still participate?

We are happy to work with companies that are interested in this project to see how they can be involved. Our partner will help companies identify what data is needed, and how to move ahead in the absence of data across certain metrics.

Who else is involved in this project?

While the names of companies in the anonymous data sharing project are confidential, Panorama's Paid Leave Pledge has been signed by Nestle, SAP, Union Square Hospitality Group, Burton and others. To learn more about the general characteristics of participating companies, please contact us at

What is the deadline for participating?

Our priority is on engaging a wide range of businesses that will feed into an interesting and useful analysis. As such, we have not set a formal deadline for participation; please contact us to stay up to date on the progression of our recruitment process.

When will Panorama share the findings?

The public release of initial findings is set for June 2019. Findings will be shared with the participating companies as they are finalized, which we anticipate will be early 2019 (timeline depends on the project start date).

To learn more, please contact Panorama’s paid leave team at