Paid Family Leave by Sector:

Sector Characteristics

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, data extracted January 2017


Approximately 345,000 private establishments and 100 government establishments "engaged in the mechanical, physical, or chemical transformation of materials, substances, or components into new products." This encompasses all types of manufacturing companies, from food to apparel manufacturers.


Workers: 12.3 million

Average hourly earnings: $26.37

Average hours worked/week: 40.7 hrs

Paid Family Leave Coverage

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010-2016 NCS

The Manufacturing sector coverage rate of 10% has been largely flat over the last six years.

Benchmark for Average Duration of Paid Parental Leave

From publicly available policy details on over 250 companies with paid parental leave, December 2016

  • Birth mothers:                           10 weeks
  • Fathers/secondary caregivers: 3 weeks
  • Adoptive/foster parents:           6 weeks

Note that the Manufacturing sector is home to a diverse set of companies, and paid leave benchmarks differ by sub-sector. For instance, consider how paid parental leave coverage differs between tech and pharma manufacturing:

Tech manufacturing benchmarks:

  • Birth mothers:                           11 weeks
  • Fathers/secondary caregivers: 5 weeks
  • Adoptive/foster parents:           6 weeks

Pharma manufacturing benchmarks:

  • Birth mothers:                            9 weeks
  • Fathers/secondary caregivers: 2 weeks
  • Adoptive/foster parents:           3 weeks

Spotlight on New Policies

From press coverage and publicly-available policy information

A diverse set of Manufacturing companies have announced new or enhanced paid family & medical leave policies in recent months. See below for several examples.

Tech Manufacturing

Microsoft, November 2015: Birth mothers receive 20 weeks of paid leave and all other parents receive 12 weeks of fully paid leave [See: CNN]

Apple, October 2014: Birth mothers receive 18 weeks of paid leave and non-birth parents receive 6 weeks of paid leave [See: Fortune]

Consumer Manufacturing

Procter & Gamble, February 2016: Maternity leave is 16 weeks of full pay, adoptive parents receive 16 weeks of full pay, and secondary caregivers receive 4 weeks of full pay  [See: CLASP]

The Honest Company, January 2016: Fully paid leave for both mothers and fathers increased from 10 to 16 weeks [See: CNN]

Pharma Manufacturing

Johnson and Johnson, May 2015: All new parents regardless of gender receive 8 weeks of fully paid parental leave, birth mothers are provided up to 17 weeks of full pay [See: J&J website]

Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Danone, June 2016: Mothers and primary caregivers in same-sex relationships receive 6 months of fully paid parental leave [See: Union Leader]

Coca-Cola, January 2017: All new parents receive 6 weeks of fully paid parental leave, and birth mothers may receive 12-14 weeks including short-term disability [See: Coca-Cola website]