Paid Family Leave by Sector:
Professional, Scientific, & Technical Services

Sector Characteristics

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics (Information and Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services), data extracted January 2017


Information: ~155,000 private establishments and 5,500 government establishments that produce/distribute information and cultural products, provide the means to transmit or distribute these products as well as data or communications, or process data. Includes software companies, publishers, and broadcasters, among others.

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services: ~1.2 million private establishments and 2,750 government establishments including law, accounting, consulting, and engineering firms.



  • Workers: 2.8 million
  • Average hourly earnings: $37.49 
  • Average hours worked/week: 36.0

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services:

  • Workers: 9 million
  • Average hourly earnings: $39.70
  • Average hours worked/week: 36.7

Paid Family Leave Coverage

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010-2016 NCS

Paid family leave coverage in both sectors is ~30%, with both sectors showing significant coverage growth since 2010.

Benchmark for Average Duration of Paid Parental Leave

From publicly available policy details on over 250 companies with paid parental leave, December 2016

  • Birth mothers:                           13 weeks
  • Fathers/secondary caregivers: 7 weeks
  • Adoptive/foster parents:           9 weeks

Spotlight on New Policies

From press coverage and publicly-available policy information

Multiple companies in these sectors have announced new or enhanced paid family & medical leave policies in recent months. See below for several examples.

Information: Tech

Facebook, January 2016: Facebook extended its U.S. benefit of 16 weeks paid parental leave to all employees worldwide, regardless of gender or location [See: Huffington Post]

Twitter, May 2016: A new gender-neutral policy guarantees all parents 20 weeks of fully paid leave [See: Fortune]

Information: Publishing and Media

Time Warner Cable, January 2015: All new parents, biological and adoptive, are now eligible for 6 weeks of paid leave, with birth mothers also eligible for disability leave [See: Yahoo]

Vodafone, April 2015: A new global policy provides 16 weeks of paid maternity leave and full pay for 30-hour work weeks during the first 6 months back to work [See: Washington Post]

Professional Services

EY, July 2016: New mothers and fathers receive 16 weeks of fully paid leave when welcoming a child through birth, adoption, surrogacy, foster care, or legal guardianship [See: PR Newswire]

Deloitte, September 2016: All employees can take up to 16 weeks of fully paid family leave to care for a new child or ill family member such as a spouse or aging parent [See: Fortune]

The Boston Consulting Group, October 2016: All new parents regardless of caregiver status now receive 8 weeks of paid parental leave, with birth mothers eligible for up to 16 weeks of paid leave including short-term disability