Paid Family Leave by Sector:
Health Care and Social Assistance

Sector Characteristics

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, data extracted January 2017


Trained professionals in approximately 1.5 million private establishments and 15,000 government establishments provide individuals with heath care and/or social assistance. Example employers are hospitals, nursing homes, and day care centers.


Workers: 19.4 million

Average hourly earnings: $26.30

Average hours worked/week: 33.0 hrs

Paid Family Leave Coverage

From the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010-2016 NCS

Paid family leave coverage of private industry employees in Health Care & Social Assistance is ~18%. Coverage has hovered between 15% and 18% since 2010.

Benchmark for Average Duration of Paid Parental Leave

From publicly available policy details on over 250 companies with paid parental leave, December 2016

  • Birth mothers:                            5 weeks
  • Fathers/secondary caregivers: 2 weeks
  • Adoptive/foster parents:           3 weeks

Spotlight on New Policies: Health Care

From press coverage and publicly available policy information

Children's National Health System, July 2015: Birth mothers receive 6 and 8 weeks for a regular or cesarean delivery respectively, and paternity leave is 2 weeks of full pay. Adoptive mothers and fathers receive 6 and 2 weeks of paid leave respectively [See: CLASP Policy Solutions interview]