You've Evaluated the Expected Benefits and Costs of PFML...What Next?

Many companies find it helpful to compare their anticipated benefits and costs side-by-side to understand the potential impact of offering PFML, even if it does not provide an exact numerical cost-benefit analysis.

Steps in Evaluating the Business Case

1. Summarize your findings

2. Examine different PFML policy options

  • Consider if adjustments to your proposed PFML policy could increase the business benefits or lower the costs
  • Test multiple alternative scenarios to evaluate your company's options (See "Estimate the Potential Costs" for a sample, preliminary PFML labor costs calculator.)

3. Finalize your recommendation

  • Could/should your company offer PFML to U.S. employees?
  • If yes, what will the parameters of that policy be?
  • If no, why not? What would have to change for your organization to offer PFML in the future?